EMS Fitness professional electrostimulation equipment  is the only equipment on the market that produces a comfortable and pleasant feeling by subjecting the muscles to intense and deep work.
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We help businesses of any size grow and adapt to the new times by integrating a new form of training increasingly demanded around the world. Hospitals, sports centres, entrepreneurs, physiotherapists, beauty centres, clinics and health centres, elite sport professionals, trainers. We address a wide spectrum of professionals working in the area of health, medicine and aesthetics, growing their businesses by adapting them to new consumer habits.

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Bio-Jacket i-motion

The i-motion bio-jacket, manufactured entirely in Spain, guarantees perfect mobility and covers most of the body, allowing the access of EMS waves to more than half of the 650 body muscles.The electrodes used in the training suits are made of carbon-rubber, lightweight and specifically developed for electro-stimulation.They can be placed on any area of the body, apart from the established ones, such as abductor muscles, gluteus medius, transverse abdominal muscleThe technology used in the i-motion muscle electrostimulator provides not only immediate aesthetic results, but also a healthier body, a stronger skeletal system, better blood circulation and a pleasant and happy mood, among others.

Unlimited number of participants

i-motion EMS perfectly adapts to the body and provides completefreedom of movement for group and multi-group training with an unlimited number of participants.

This latter i-motion feature is unique and exclusive. No other device can perform multi-group workouts. Our new software with intelligent settings allows easy and intuitive use of all its parameters, guaranteeing a great user experience. Now with 20 pre-established programs and 6 configurable expert modes!

i-motion software, always in continuous development

This is undoubtedly one of our greatest strengths, compared to other electro-stimulation devices on the market.

In i-motion, we are always in continuous study and development, aware of the latest market developments and technological advancements in order to offer a more optimal and effective training.

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