Cryotherapy Chambers

The cryoair cold chambers are safe, comfortable
to use, can be almost fully automated and
equipped with a remote control function to
reduce service costs.
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Our cryoair cryotherapy chambers are designed for
a wide variety of applications and many different
operation models. Their compact design and low
noise emission is very attractive for rehabilitation
centres, doctors’ practices and physiotherapy
centres as well as wellness and fitness centres.




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Our cryotherapy chambers

The cold therapy chambers are manufactured in different versions. They range from a single chamber to the three-chamber system. The cryo  chambers are adapted to the needs in terms of size and features and given locations of the specific projects.

cryoair multichamber cryo chamber

cryoair multi chamber systems are ideal for commercial use with a capacity of 30+ users per hour. cryoair cryo chambers can be used by up to four people at a time and can be tailored to your requirements as a custom model.

cryoair flex cryo chamber

The professional one-chamber system for training and treatment. The cryoair flex one-chamber system can be used for up to two patients at once. A brief session in the cryo chamber is completely non-invasive, simple and safe.


cryo:one is the best and smallest all-electric cryo chamber in the world. Its compact and highly efficient size enables you to experience all the advantages of the whole-body cryotherapy even in the smallest of spaces.
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Real full body immersion - no nitrogen, just oxygen

Because our cryotherapy chambers use no nitrogen and are operated with oxygen only, they are not just more economical for operation, but are completely safe to use. This safety allows the user to experience a real full body cryotherapy where the entire body is immersed into the cold. 

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